About Greta Rose

Why Music?

Ever since I was a baby, my Dad has always exposed me to music. A lot of the music that he played was from artists such as, Blind Melon, Neil Young, and The Beatles. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to play music. So, at 7 years old, I picked up my first guitar. It went from me singing Disney tunes around the house, to me sitting on our couch playing Taylor Swift on my guitar. 


Music & School

Starting around 1st grade, I started writing songs. I would sit at my desk during class and write songs. Eventually, my friend and I wrote a few together. We created a small band of two first graders called, "The Cheetah Girls". We chose that name because we thought the movie was cool. We wrote our lyrics on small pieces of scrap paper that our teacher gave us. Every time we wrote a new song, our teacher would let us get up in front of the class and sing it. 

As we transitioned into second grade, "The Cheetah Girls" slowly disappeared, due to us being in different classes. The school program I was in was very dedicated to the arts, and they built a stage in their common area.  I saw that as an opportunity to put myself out there. I then gathered a few of my friends, and we made a band called, "The Star Girls". Every morning during 'Morning Mingle' time, our teachers would let us get up there and sing the songs we wrote. We sang almost every morning.  


Growing & Expanding

A couple years went by, and I continued to share my music among my friends, but it never went elsewhere. Eventually, we ended up moving to a very musical place-North Carolina! When we were barely done unpacking boxes, I had already starting booking gigs for myself. The first time that I played in front of people that I didn't know was at Dave Scott Crowe's Imusination. I played at Imusination every month for almost a year. During that year, I played at Catawba Coffee multiple times, OTC's 2nd Friday, and Festival in the Park. The first song I wrote that I played was called, "Polaroids". I wrote many other songs within the time period of 3 months, and starting playing them out. 

Eventually, after doing numerous open mics, etc., I was offered the opportunity to play a song for Catawba Coffee's Unplugged CD, alongside 9 other artists. 

After an immense amount of work, I was nominated for Youth Artist of the Year for the Queen City Awards. I didn't win, but I was able to gain experience through that. 

I enjoy playing music any time and everywhere. I make music because I love it, and it says things that I can't say with my words. 

If you would like to book something, please message me at gretarosemusic@gmail.com